Monthly Archives: November 2012

If Jackie O. Can Do It So Can You

Wearing vintage clothes can be hard to pull off without looking like you are dressed up for a Halloween costume party, so we recommend accessorizing with vintage accents. I find my inspiration for this look from Jackie O., a timeless classic. She always looked beautiful, never overdone. Vintage accessories and styles can easily be Read More »

A Kernel of Thankfulness

Life is full of twists, turns, ups, downs, curves, and sometimes even u-turns. And one thing I am continually learning is that perspective can make all the difference along the ride- which is why I love Thanksgiving. Sure, its hard not to love a holiday filled with crazy family members and a delicious line Read More »

We have some BIG News!!

They say you never know where life will take you right? Well apparently, hindsight really is 20/20! When we were little, my sister and I were pretty well known for our sales skills. I am sure our neighbors appreciated our frequent, door-to-door visits selling raffle tickets or home made crafts. I think we even Read More »