$250 Shopping Spree Giveaway at Bella Sweet Boutique

We are so excited Summer is FINALLY here and we wanted to celebrate! What better way to celebrate then to give our fabulous fans and shoppers a chance to win a $250 SHOPPING SPREE, so they can freshen up there summer wardrobe.   What would you buy if you had $250 to spend at www.bellasweetboutique.com? Since we love to find great things to sell at the best possible price the options are endless. A few of my top pics for things I would buy for summer are…


We have a few great bloggers partnering with us this week to promote this fun SUMMER SHOPPING SPREE! Check them out we know you will like their blogs.


The thing we all share with Marvy Mom’s is we love our kids and we’re each doing our best to give them a great life. Every mom is a marvelous mom in her own right. We can all do things differently and still be marvy moms! C-section or natural birth, cloth or disposable, breastfeed or formula, jar or homemade, cosleeping or separate rooms, home school or public/private school, working out of home or stay at home, the list could go on. Join Marvy Mom’s on Facebook and let’s support each other to being marvy moms. Wherever we are in the journey, we can learn from each other!

Another great blog promoting our giveaway is Saving U Green. Bella Sweet Boutique shares with her the desire to enjoy life and save yourself money. The purpose of this blog is to discuss ways to live green on a budget. You can make healthier choices for your family without spending a fortune. Let’ Follow with her on this journey, so we can also make the most out of our hard earned dollar!

Over at Mommies Point of View it is all about you! YOU are very busy, but YOU still need to save money and make YOUR dollar stretch as far as YOU can. That’s where Mommies POV can help! Here you will find money saving coupons and tips that will let YOU be the domestic diva YOU have always wanted to be, without any of the work. Mommies POV does the dirty work, and YOU get all the credit. We love that Mommies Point of View wants to help you be the best wife, mother or grandmother you can be (maybe even all of the above). Follow to get helpful tips about everything family!

Tell us what you would buy with the $250! When you comment on our blog post you receive an extra entrance. We typically post blogs Monday, Wednesday and Friday so come back and post on those and you can earn more entrances.


About Bella Sweet

Growing up with two other sisters, we were a household that loved fashion. But we never knew where that would take us, other than shopping of course! So it is a dream come true to open Bella Sweet Boutique. We love shopping for cute fashions, accessories, home décor and distinctive tech gear and then bringing it all to our loyal following at the best possible prices! The staff at Bella Sweet Boutique is on a mission to help you enjoy a sweet life! We are dedicated to customer service and making your experience enjoyable. We invite you to browse our website just like we were best friends or sisters. Connect with us on our Facebook page. We love to share our thoughts on fashion and are inspired by your ideas.

6 Responses to $250 Shopping Spree Giveaway at Bella Sweet Boutique

  1. Disola Horst says:

    Goosh!! Anything and everyythiiing!! Suim suits, sandals, high heels, necklaces (there can never be too many in my collection) etc.

  2. Moira says:

    I could definitely use some decor for my new home!! And obviously a girl can never have too many clothes!

  3. Krista W. says:

    I think I’d go for a dress… They’re so pretty!

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