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Eye Makeup Trends for Summer 2013

Good bye winter we are over you and ready for a breath of fresh air and new beauty trends, especially when it comes to how we wear our makeup. On your face it is all about a natural glow and using only what you need. Ditch the foundation and powder this summer going for Read More »

Do you know what you are putting in your mouth? We do!

Don’t you just LOVE Pinterest?  We do, in fact, I just finished a recent “As Seen On Pinterest” Project, homemade  Coconut and Honey Lip balm!  Do it yourself (DIY) projects are becoming my stress relief to a hectic day.  This project was not only therapy but perfect for the impending hot, dry weather!  Here Read More »

What’s the hype about mineral makeup… It’s not what is in it, it is what is not!

What makes mineral makeup different from traditional makeup isn’t the ingredients it contains but what’s left out.   For many leading brands, the list of left out ingredients includes preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, chemical dyes, and fragrance. Many dermatologists recommend mineral makeup based on the fact that these left out ingredients are possible skin irritants. Read More »